How To Make A Homemade Bird Feeder

bird feeders

Feeding your feathered friends does not have to be complicated nor expensive. You can create bird feeders that are easy to put together and will draw the birds to your yard. As a matter of fact you can make bird feeders from materials that you are going to throw out anyway.


You can make bird feeders from items in your trash! The birds will appreciate your efforts. Your feeder can be quite simple or quite elaborate it all depends on the amount of effort you want to put into the creation.


You can also buy bird feeders at


that are relatively inexpensive and extremely decorative, but making them can be a great family project.


Simple Bottle Feeder


You can use a 2 liter bottle (think empty soda bottle). Wash out the bottle well and cut two holes in the bottle near the center of the bottle. You can use spent disposable pen tubes ( the plastic part that houses the ink cartridge) for the perch. You simply hot glue the pen tubes into the hole of the bottle. You want to make sure that you get the tube at least half way into the bottle before you glue it so that it will be able to manage the weight of the birds.


You can either cut the bottom half way through to form a lid for easy fill ups or leave the bottle in tact and use the spout to fill up the bottle. Don't forget to keep the cap of the bottle and cover the holes up when you fill your feed with bird feed.


Use a Grapefruit


Cut a grapefruit in half and instead of throwing out the rind make a feeder from it! All you have to do is thread a ribbon or string through the bottom of the orange and fill it with bird seed and hang it from a tree!


Another great easy to make feeder starts as a milk container! A milk carton (the cardboard type) is easy to recycle into a feeder. Just cut a square into the washed out carton and fill with bird feed. Punch a hole through the top and use either a string or some wire to hang on a tree.


An Old Plate and a Wire Basket


You can use a wire plant basket. Simply use an old plate or bowl in the bottom of the basket and fill with feed. This is a great way to make a feeder that requires just about zero effort! Bird feeders are a great way to bring nature into your yard and for you to help the local wildlife.







What You Haven't Considered about Your Stair Treads

For those who don’t know, stair treads are basically the part of a staircase that supports your feet as you climb up it. As a result, this is an area of your home that can experience a lot of wear and tear over time. This is what “recovering” your stair treads is all about- bringing them back to their original condition so that they can add more visual appeal to your home.


But do keep in mind that this is a process that isn’t entirely easy to partake in. After all, there are all kinds of materials that could be used to recover this area of your home and it is best to understand all of them before making any final decisions. In the following sections, we’ll cover these materials more in-depth and talk about how they play a role in recovering your stair treads.



This is the first material that we are going to talk about in regards to stair treads. Take note that this is one of the prime choices for consumers all around the world. The reason why is because carpet tends to be a relatively durable material that has a long life expectancy as long as you take care of it. One of the only downsides to having it on your staircase is that it can be difficult to clean and there be a higher likelihood that it will experience stains at some point after installation. Nonetheless, it can be an effective and cost-efficient option for your home.



This is another very common material that is used by home owners. One of the reasons why it is relatively popular is because hardwood can easily be taken out as well as installed. This means that as a homeowner, you won’t need to have a large amount of hands-on experience when it comes to upgrading stair cases. Wood can also come in a variety of colors and provide some nice visual appeal for your home. With so many options to choose from, it has become one of the “Go to” options for a lot of people who would like to recover their stair treads.


Non-Slip Treads

These are designed to be functional more than anything. Basically, non-slip pads utilize fiberglass as well as other types of carpet or wood to create a surface that can be difficult to slip on. Again, these don’t necessarily need to be popular in regards to visual appeal. They are simply designed to be practical, functional, and prevent people from slipping as they are walking up the staircase.  Many stores like http://www.collectionsetc.com/ offer stair treads as part of their garden decor catalogs.



On a final note, you’ll want to worry about style, design, and color last. The reason why is because these are all areas that can be changed later on down the road. The important thing in the beginning is to choose a material that best serves your particular situation. From there, you should worry about how it looks in regards to the rest of your home. 







Kitchen Solutions for Small Spaces

kitchen decor

A kitchen is often the most important room in the house - it is where meals are made, stories are shared and a family enjoys each other’s’ company. But for those who live in big cities or small apartments, the space is often cramped and awkward. Clever kitchen décor solutions and small details can turn a small, generic kitchen into the most welcoming room in the house.


Decide on theme

Start with the feeling you wish to achieve - Sleek? Cozy? Retro? Cottage? Farmhouse? Once you know how you want the kitchen to feel, choose wall colors that pair with the theme but also open up the room. Light, bright colors will give the chef some space to breathe. Try light grey and brushed metal for a sleek look; lime green and white for retro; blush and mint for a cottage look; or coffee and cream for a farmhouse feeling. Color is often the first thing guests notice when they enter a room, and painting a kitchen - with all its nooks and crannies - is a chore, so be sure you pick colors you can live with for a while.


Kitchen décor is in the details

Knobs: Small kitchens do not have much space for wall art and tchotchkes, but there are plenty of opportunities to customize. Start with the cabinet knobs - these can give an old kitchen an instant update and a boring kitchen instant pizazz. Check out flea markets for cheap (often by the pound!) metalware with a vintage look, or Ikea for low-cost, modern designs. Websites like this one may have large selections of kitchen decor you'd want.


Curtains: Curtains and valances are also an easy way to personalize your kitchen. Hang them at the top of the wall, rather than at the top of the window frame, to add height to a small kitchen. Try a fun pattern or a color complementary to the wall paint for contrast. Valances especially are a great way to add visual interest to a kitchen without crowding the room.


Potted herbs: Consider buying a wall-mounted planter to grow herbs indoors. Greenery in a small space is refreshing; plus you’ll always have fresh herbs for recipes, and they won’t take up any counter space. There are dozens of designs, ranging from ceramic pockets to bracketed mason jars to traditional window box-type mounts.


Clever storage

In small kitchens, storage is always the biggest challenge. Start with a hanging pot rack to free up under-counter space and display your beautiful collection of copper and cast-iron cookware. Snap up a stylish set of canisters to stow your kitchen staples like flour, sugar and coffee in plain sight on the countertop - leave the more unsightly cereal boxes and canned goods behind cupboard doors. Magnetic knife strips and an over-the-sink dish rack will also help clear out drawer and counter space. Lots of times, clever storage also doubles as kitchen décor, so get creative!







Give Your Bathroom a Bit of Decoration

bathroom accessories


Decorating all the rooms in your home is up to you; only you really know what looks great where and whether you’re willing to pay for it or not. Just like your living room, bedroom, dining room and other common areas, the bathroom in your home should also be given a bit of decoration. It is just a toilet and in some places not even a bathtub or shower, but your restroom should be yours. Finding the right bathroom accessories doesn’t need to be a difficult process. The first thing you should do is look into what items your bathroom really needs.


Start by looking at the bottom of your bathtub. If you don’t have some kind of flooring with a rough top to it, you should really get some. The bottom of a tub is slippery, even dangerous when you’re in the middle of a hot shower and can’t see for all the steam. With something abrasive against your soles, you are far less likely to slip and fall. This is both a practical and fashionable upgrade you could make to your bathroom, money you can feel great about spending, not just good. These adhesive, rough surfaces are available almost everywhere bath supplies are sold.


If your bathtub is set up against a wall with a window in it, you are likely wary about showering and being seen by people outside your home. With a waterproof curtain much like your shower curtain, you could both block the view and keep the wall from warping due to water damage. This is another of many fine bathroom accessories you could really use but may not have known you needed. It doesn’t need to be anything special but you can dress it up if you wish, maybe work out a motif for your restroom. Fish seem to be popular.


Most people spend more time looking in their bathroom mirror than they realize. When shaving, brushing your teeth, combing your hair or doing just about anything hygienic, you use a mirror to make sure you’re doing it right. Decorating your bathroom mirror seems like a good idea then. It’s hard to think of anything useful but getting something to go along with the curtains and tub only makes sense. If you’re already working with an aquatic or fish theme, finding some stickers or decals for a mirror will be easy. Color coding the fish with toothbrushes and writing names on them might be cool.


Last but not least, a bar before or aside your toilet is actually far more useful than you might think. While it is great for when your back hurts or when someone else in your family is hurting, those strong, durable bars are good for much more. Even during the act of going, by holding onto that metal you can take some of the stress of your body and work leverage to get a better bowl movement. If there are more useful bathroom accessories they must be pretty difficult to find. This one is a must have for the old, infirm or sick.






How are Bath Towels Made?

bath towelAlmost every single towel manufacturing company will ask themselves the same question: “How can I create bath towels at the lowest possible price”. And with that question in mind, there are a variety of steps that must be taken to successfully create these products in a cost-efficient manner. In the following article, we are going to talk about all of the fundamental steps associated with making bath towels.


Step #1: Ball of Cotton

This is where this product begins. A manufacturer real really needs to choose high-quality cotton that hasn’t been deteriorated from pests, light, or weather. The purity of the cotton is also very important. The overall value of the towel will be determined by the type of cotton being used, which is one of the main reasons why towel companies spend so much time allocating the right kind.


Step #2: Carded Cotton

Once high-quality cotton has been purchased, the cotton itself will be carefully separated from the husk. The fibers from the husk are carded. For those who weren’t aware, “carding” is a relatively intricate process that involves removing any kind of foreign debris that may have gotten tangled within the fibers of the cotton. It also involves removing tangles and straightening the fibers so that they are easier to work with.


Step #3: Combing

Once the cotton has gone through the carding phase, it will require heavy combing. This is a process that is designed to remove any impurities that may have been left behind from the previous step. It will also aid in producing bath towels that are durable as well as silky. If you’ve ever felt Egyptian cotton then you probably already have a fairly good idea about how heavily combed cotton feels.


Step #4: Spinning

This is a step in the process that is relatively standard in the industry. Nowadays, spinning is done using machines and this is basically when the fibers of the cotton are rapidly rotated. This step is designed to eliminate any loose cotton that may be attached to the fabric. The process closely resembles the spinning that is associated with cotton candy as it is being made.


Step #5: Twisting

Twisting is done several times and it is used to pinch the yarn together in order to create the bath towels. The amount of twisting that occurs will ultimately determine the strength and durability of a particular towel.


After this step, something called “Dyeing” occurs. While there are many ways for getting this step done, it is basically when the cotton is pulled through a dye machine in order to gain its color. Keep in mind that different companies have different ways for getting this step done.


That's How it's Done

As you cans see, creating bath towels is relatively simple to understand. Remember that towel companies are always trying to figure out how to release products in the most cost effective way possible. The above steps are relatively common among the industry and are used to create bath towels of all shapes, sizes, and colors.






Bringing Garden Decor Catalogs to Life

home garden


If you have a garden then there is no doubt that at one time or the other you have gone through garden decor catalogs and wished you could replicate what you see into your own garden. In actuality, it is not as daunting a task as so many people make it out to be. All it needs is a little bit of patience and a clear visual of what you would like to have in your garden. Below are some tips that could help you achieve the same levels of beauty with your garden that you are always coveting in garden decor catalogs.


One of the best tips you will ever get when it comes to sprucing up your garden is to have a focal point and then work around it outwards. For example, you could have a sculpture in the middle of the garden and then using it as the main point of focus build around it.


The next thing that you need to do to duplicate the style you see in garden decor catalogs is to include architecture into the garden. No matter what vision you have for the garden, a little architecture can go a very long way. For instance, simply putting a low pretty fence and a lovely gate into the garden will change the whole overall look drastically. There are plenty of architectural options that you can toy with to achieve the desired dream garden.


The next thing that you must have noticed from the garden decor catalogs is the use of water features to bring in that peace and style into the garden. Today, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to the features and their models. They are in quite a large number of varieties and materials and thus no longer cost an arm and a leg as they used to back in the day. For example, you can get fountains or waterfalls made from toughened plastic that looks exactly like stone if the stone variations are too expensive.


Another factor that makes a huge impact on what you see in the garden decor catalogs and in actual gardens is the choice of planters or containers that are used. A lot of gardeners do not pay attention to the type of containers they pick and this ruins the overall effect of the garden. You have to take your time to decide which type of containers will bring the most out of your plants and garden. You then need to find them and incorporate them into the garden with style and not just scattering them around haphazardly.


Last but not least, to achieve that stunning visual effect, you have to make sure that you incorporate the proper type and amount of lighting into your garden. You have to know where to position the lights for the best effect. This will make your garden look beautiful in the evening as people walk by it or you sit on your patio with a glass of wine.






Lawn Decorations for Those that Enjoying Showing off Their Homes

lawn bike decorationMany people enjoy showing off their homes especially when it comes to their lawns. Since the front part of the house is the first thing that a person will see when they approach a residential home, most homeowners like to display lawn decorations to spruce up their environment. Lawn decorations will help to add character and depth to an otherwise plain or average looking yard.


There are many ways that a person can upgrade their greens and one eye catching decorative item that they could use are fountains. Most fountains can instantly beautify just about any yard. Many fountains come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Larger fountains can add a majestic appeal to a home giving it the impression of great importance and/or wealth and smaller fountains can add a special touch to the environment making it an enjoyable place to spend time. As long as a homeowner realistically evaluates the type of fountain that would work best in their yard they shouldn't have a problem with adding this prop to their property.


Another well received lawn decoration item is the gazebo. A gazebo will make a person's front yard look like a special place that people would want to visit. The proper type of gazebo can also improve a home's value. Gazeboes bring a sense of excitement to a person's yard since it reminds people of fun and exciting places that they typically experience out in public.


Artificial trees and flowers are not just for indoor use many companies manufacturer these items for outside of the home as well. People can plant exotic looking artificial trees or unique types of flowers around the front part of their home in order to increase its curbside appeal.


Stone pavers and flood lights are common types of decorations that people place into their yards. Stone pavers can be arranged to form a small path that leads to different areas of the yard. Flood lights can be arranged around a person's home to give it an appealing look at night time and for security purposes. Solar lights are commonly used by many people for the purpose of lighting up their lawns at night and these particular items are typically placed on the perimeters of walkways and near a person's home. These types of lawn decorations will add a special touch to a home's exterior.


A lot of people use lawn decorations during the holiday seasons. Christmas and Halloween are the biggest time of the year that people decorate the outside of their homes but they also do it on Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July and Easter. Inflatable characters and props are a really proper way for people to decorate their yards and they also use lights, signs and other displays. Some people will display yard decorations in support their favorite sports team or charity. Miniature windmills, ponds and even yard gnomes are all different types of products that people put on display outside their houses. There many different types of lawn decorations that can be used by homeowners in order to transform their yards into an appealing place for them to enjoy.






A Picture Perfect Bathroom

picture perfect bathroom


The look of a bathroom gives an indication of the comprehensive mood and energy of an individual. The bathrooms having tiled floors and walls look very neat and clean. Tiles of different styles, design-patterns and color-ranges are available. These add to the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. Now there are a lot of ideas as to how a bathroom can be remodeled. A good bathroom generally has sufficient light, proper ventilation and adequate storage space. Moreover the attractive and luxurious bathroom fittings and accessories, generally add to the beauty of the bathroom as well as a good hygienic condition.


Some Amazing Bathroom Decor Ideas

One can simply create magic by using a long piece of mirror which runs from one end to the other. This mirror is usually fixed over the sink and usually helps to maximize the amount of light, coming in the bathroom.


The bathroom should always have a descent amount of light. One can make the best use of natural light by having a large sized window. The light coming through the window gets reflected in the mirrors, thereby providing a perfect amount of lighting in the bathroom. In the night, lighting some candles around the bathtub or the sink can make the bathroom even more beautiful.


It is better to use trendy and attractive tiles on the bathroom flooring and the walls. Tiles are an integral component of the bathroom decor. The tiles of different patterns or different color shades just look great, but overuse should be avoided.


Architectural elements within a bathroom can generally add to the overall energy of the bathroom. Elements such as arches when incorporated with attractive patterned tiles, significantly add to the beauty of the bathroom. These are immensely popular bathroom decor ideas nowadays.


One can always make a room for two individuals inside the bathroom by use of matching wash basins and mirrors. In addition to this, one can beautifully utilize the space by creating a makeup room inside the bathroom.


Moreover, a large number of wood-textured floorings and accessories are available nowadays that help to impart a natural look to the interiors. These are simple, but they can look very beautiful, if illuminated by proper light.


There is also the option to add a bit of vibrancy to the bathroom by using bright colored tiles on the walls or by using some checkerboard patterned tiles for that matter. These look great when combined with perfectly matching bath fittings and accessories.


A bathroom looks very sharp and edgy when a white or gray color scheme is used. The tiles or the floorings can add an exquisite and artistic look to the bathroom. In addition to this, a fireplace can be built within the bathroom to provide a sense of warmth and comfort. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom and is certainly a very good idea that one can use for a bathroom decor.


But one has to have a proper planning while picking any one of these amazing bathroom decor ideas. This will help to make the best use of light, ventilation and storage space and strike gold with the bathroom designing ideas.






How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Decor

kitchenWhen picking out kitchen decor your choices should be made based on the decor's aesthetic appeal, functionality and how well the decor matches the rest of your kitchen. If you are in for a big kitchen makeover there are a number of things you can do build your perfect kitchen; you can paint your walls or put up some new wallpaper, replace your counter tops, install new cabinets and purchase new large appliances. There are so many kitchen themes and color schemes to choose from, but here are a few ideas to hopefully set off your brains creative thinking process.

Designing a Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchen designs have been trending for years and for good reason. Modern kitchens are perfect for professionals who enjoy the sleek style and functionality of a modern kitchen. A few typical characteristics shared by many modern kitchens are stainless steel appliances, white panel or dark wood cabinetry and white or dark colored quartz and marble counter tops. When choosing kitchen décor, keep it simplistic and elegant with one-colored objects. Good color schemes include white, black, hot red, light grey and aqua blue. Vases with real or fake flowers, lamps, empty or fruit-filled bowls and small greenery like bonsai trees all fit the look of modern kitchens. Large contemporary canvas art can also look really nice, just make sure it is simplistic and matches the rest of the kitchen.

A Classy Italian Kitchen


Whether you want to celebrate your culture or just enjoy the classy styling of an Italian themed kitchen, there are many decorating options to choose from. Italian color schemes are usually very earthy, with gold, burnt oranges, light greens, and mustard yellows. When shopping for kitchen decor look for cafe style furniture pieces, decorative pottery bowls, matching rugs, hanging pots and baskets filled with Italian style foods, Italian style art, wrought iron metal organizers and bar stools and miscellaneous decor items that have an Italian connotation or design like chef hats, wine, pizza and pasta and famous Italian landmarks.

A Dream-like Island Kitchen

Island themed kitchens feature cool colors that are refreshing and welcoming and are especially relevant if you live near a lake or coast. Island and beach themed kitchens usually sport water and beach themed colors like light blue, white, yellow and lime green. Kitchen decor can include shells and starfish, water and beach themed art, fish tanks and other decor that have aquatic themes. Decor that is made out of bamboo and feature images like fish, water and palm trees fit perfectly in this theme.

When picking out kitchen decor that fits the theme or color scheme you want make sure you have matching kitchen utensils including; plates, cups, bowls, silverware, and other miscellaneous cooking tools. Choose large and small kitchen appliances that fit your color scheme. Do not forget to match the smaller decor items like over mitts, rags, paper towel holders, decorative bowls, candles, vases, trash can, table cloths, napkins, salt and pepper shakers, soap dispenser, calendars, place mats, canisters, cookie jars, and misc. figurines. All of these items can add an attractive edge to your kitchen if the decor matches the rest of the kitchen and is placed in a position that makes the kitchen appear neat and clutter-free.